martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

You are...

You are life. And chaos
A set of good choices gone wrong
Real-life miracle

You are an empty promise
Just freedom. And hearbreaks
Always hearbreaks
You are an errant soul

You are lies. White and black
A double standard
Half hypocrite, half chameleon
You are smoke and mirrors

You are a mystery. The Mystery
See-through desire
Unexpected dopamine
The highest high before the fall

You are lies. Your eyes
Enigmatic, deep and brown
More than mystical cat's eyes
Hypnotizing stars

You are hesitation. Back and fort
A void in goodbye and hello
An ever moving pendulum
Three suspension points

You are hope. And sorrow
Light within the dark
A blinding one. Misleading one
A Zeno's paradox

You are fire. Wildfire
Chaos in the woods
Borealis aurora heaven
Hell just cut loose

You are e
Infinite linear momentum
Nonlinear one-line equation
An asymptotic me

You are an ever lasting moment
The torture that never ends
The one I'm dreaming and realizing
There's not a single chance of escape

2 comentarios:

  1. si puedes escapar, mjajajajaj una linea echa con una ecuación no linear, osea el polinomio de la granja zz top y así XD