domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Train of life

And you got left behind
By the ones you met,
the ones you grew fond of
By the ones you learned to love

Sometimes they just say goodbye
They don't realize they're leaving
Thinking it's just the world outside in motion
And that is life just passing by

So they're the ones who leave
And non stopping unto death
Leaving without turning back
In this mercyless train of life

Some of them call you friend
Though some tend to forget
Saying you are letting them go
But you are the abandoned one

You find yourself in the bench
Waiting for the chosen one
For the one to share the Pullman
But no one seems quite in the mood

And true friends sit next to you
But no one can wait forever
And you watch them go on the rail
Gone forever. Far away

Though some of them stay true
Always sitting next to you
Turning hours into seconds
Watching day come afternoon

Times when friends are more than gold
What saves for you the horizon at the break of dawn?

And what awaits you?

When you are the only left
Left alone. Left behind
Lying in your bench of sorrow

You may just stay the night
Sleep on your side. Hoping for a better tomorrow
Or may as well get down the tracks
And start walking the longest mile

But thread careful down the rails
The path you choose is the only one you'll wander.

And watch yourself for each step given
For life takes it all
No one's forgiven.

24-10-2011@11:04 p.m.

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