domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Diana IV - This is it

So this is it
Is this where your dreams brought you?
Is this where your life ends?
Or where it really begins?

Make sure you've got enough to lose
Little to sacrifice might not be worth the hell

Look at her
There she is
Eyes-squeezed shut
Embracing herself
Lying at the wind

Is this what you really wanted?
Can't do much for a difference now

There it is
Lying in front of you
Is this where it really ends?
Is this the real monster's face?
Armaggedon? Ragnarok?

Hell of a battlefield
All against all
Bets are off
Stage is set

This is it
At last
The goddamn motherfucking end

So go, embrace her in your arms
And blow promises into the stormy day

And now, look at her
There she is
Staring at the edge
Eyes on the horizon

You've gotten so far
Both of you
Pray for you to see the next day
There is really so little to do now

Say goodbye
But never really mean it
Just a look at her eyes
Her big pretty amber eyes

A kiss
A chill in the storm
Rising through your backbone
Delivering pieces of paradise per second

Don't lie to yourself
It might be the last time

Don't screw yourself
It will not be the last time

One last look

Turn around
Walk into that Jeep
Don't look back

No room for weakness
No room for sorrow
You love her and she loves you
It's all that matters

So take your gun
Load some ammo
Get ready
For this is the day
Anything that shall come after it is bliss

Just go


Fun Facts & Easter Eggs

  • Smells like Max Payne